iNet Realty’s $50,0000 Guarantee

12/19/2010 – 11:21 pm

While other companies are downsizing and even closing offices, iNet Realty is expanding theirs. While other agents are struggling in this economy, iNet’s agents are thriving.  Why?  Because innovative technology is changing the game for iNet’s agents.

Can innovative technology, systems and tools guarantee success in real estate?  YES! iNet Realty is so sure that they offer the ONLY guarantee in the industry:

iNet Realty guarantees agents make $50,000 in their first year using the iNet Realty system or they’ll pay the difference in cash!

Take a look at some of iNet’s agents stories:

Ordinary agents having extraordinary success…simply by applying iNet systems, technology and tools.

Agents like Niome Queypo; 2 listings taken, 2 escrows opened, 2 other escrows closed and received her first commission check less than a month after getting her real estate license.

Click Here to See Niome’s Story


Agents like Branden Lee; who had just 1 transaction in his first year with his previous broker, opened 4 escrows last month and another 4 this month. His incredible results come less than 3 months after applying iNet’s system, technology and tools.

Click Here to See Branden’s Story


Agents like Jason Mitsuda; setting 13 appointments, 5 showings, 3 offers and 1 listing in only 2 weeks after joining iNet Realty.

Click Here to See Jason’s Story

The most amazing part is that ALL of Jason’s success came entirely from applying iNet’s system and working less than 20 hours per week. His book of business when he joined iNet Realty was ZERO.

Ordinary agents having extraordinary success…simply by applying iNet systems, technology and tools.

If new agents like Niome, Branden and Jason can achieve these incredible results, imagine what you could be doing with iNet’s industry changing technology.  Double?  Triple?  More?  Now think about doing that while SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCING the amount of time you’re spending at work?

As 2011 quickly approaches, you owe it to yourself to learn more about working smarter by using REAL innovation and technology that has never before been seen in the industry, and at the same time setting up a great retirement future. Give iNet Realty a call so that they can answer your questions and show you specifically how their systems will immediately generate more business for you. All calls will held in strictest confidence. Pick up the phone or click on the Call Me button below and make 2011 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

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