25 QUALIFIED Buyer Leads – FREE

02/03/2011 – 11:44 pm

25 QUALIFIED Buyer Leads – FREE

Offer Limited To the First 10 Agents to Claim Their 25 FREE Leads

Are you one of the thousands of agents that are struggling to find new clients? As the real estate market contracts, buyers and sellers have become harder and harder to find. Agents are finding they have to spend much more time and a lot more money to get a shrinking share of the real estate leads. Do you spend hours of your time sitting open houses, floor duty and kiosks just to get a few meager leads that amount to nothing? Do you send out hundreds or thousands of dollars of postcards only to get dozens, even hundreds of them returned to you only to get couple of disappointing leads? Getting the business is the hardest part of the business. There is an alternative.

At iNet Realty, agents enjoy an abundant number of well qualified and highly motivated buyers and sellers. Imagine not having to waste hours of your time sitting open house, and instead spend that time showing qualified buyers homes to buy? Or instead of floor or kiosk duty, spending that time writing offers. Stop imagining because at iNet Realty, that’s exactly what our agents spend their time on. At iNet Realty, agents spend 100% of their time on the activities that directly make them money, like showing property and writing contracts. Getting the business is no longer the hardest part of the business.

And having all the business you can handle is just tip of the iceberg. iNet agents also enjoy:

E&O fees ONLY when they close a transaction. No upfront E&O payments that can be in the thousands of dollars.
NO monthly fees associated with many other offices.
NO Franchise Fees
NO Desk Fees
NO monthly advertising or marketing Fees
NO monthly admin Fees

How is all of this possible?

iNet Realty is a progressive real estate company with advanced proprietary technology and a System that wraps it all together. Many companies have bits and pieces but nothing like the iNet Realty System. This complete turnkey system is PROVEN to make ordinary agents immediately successful.

With the iNet Realty System, I am working with 65 buyers and sellers, 14 showing appointments, 5 offers, 1 listing, in my first 2 months at iNet Realty.  If you use the iNet System, it works! Jason Mitsuda (RA), iNet Realty

I love being at iNet Realty.  With the iNet System, I’ve closed 2 escrows, opened 4 more escrows and got my first commission check within 30 days of getting my real estate license. Niome Queypo (RA), iNet Realty

Having a tech background, I can tell you there’s no comparison to iNet Realty’s System.  It is the most powerful real estate system I’ve seen and makes real estate easy. Because of the iNet System, I’m working with 40 buyers and sellers, opened 4 escrows last month and 4 escrows this month.  It just works. Branden Lee (RA), iNet Realty

All of their success is a direct result of applying the iNet System…

Imagine yourself closing one transaction every month in your first year. Sounds impossible? That’s what Jason and Niome thought before joining iNet Realty and applying this amazing system.

iNet Realty is so sure that its system can make you successful, we offer the ONLY income guarantee in the industry…If you don’t make $50K in your first year using the iNet Realty System, we’ll pay you the difference in cash

If you’re one of the many agents finding it difficult to meet your monthly financial obligations, you owe it to yourself to find out more about the incredible iNet System that is already changing agent’s lives.

To find out more about this revolutionary system and receive a confidential information packet, leave your contact information after the beep. We will discreetly rush you this packet FREE of charge. The iNet Realty System is the new paradigm in real estate.

There is a limited supply of these FREE information packets so order yours NOW before they run out.

We also offer you a FREE Gap Assessment Analysis to find out how easily you can make 2011 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER.

Find out more by calling:
877-573-3177  ID#7017
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