I Don’t Know…

Yesterday I was in a conversation with a colleague, saying to myself as he was talking, “I know, I know.”

After the conversation I felt uneasy and somewhat empty.

I got quiet, cleared my mind, and asked the wiser part of me what this uneasy feeling was all about.

The immediate insight I got was that when I say to myself or others the words “I know,” I cut off the possibilities for something new and wonderful to occur.

Then the insight came to me that a powerful mindset I can have in any situation is “I don’t know,” because it actually opens me up to new insight and awareness.

In my experience, my life changes when I change my thinking, and my thinking changes when I have new insight, and I get new insight when I approach life with the mindset “I don’t know” versus “I know.”

Take a look at what happened to agents that said “I don’t know” and opened their minds to a totally new and innovative way to do real estate.

3 Simple Words That Are Changing Lives

Jayson Mitsuda (RA)

Niome Queypo (RA)

Branden Lee (RA)